Walking: A Complete Exercise For Your Body And Mind

Fitness does not only mean being in shape, it also means being mentally strong. If you search on the Internet how to achieve fitness — thousands of results would appear with lots of tricks and suggestions. Well, the answer lies in a single word, “walking.” Yes, walking offers a number of health benefits. It not only helps shed extra body fat but also helps control diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and other heart-related ailments. Here are some interesting facts, which will encourage you to walk.

Walk to Get Physical and Mental Fitness

Walking is a great exercise to tone up the body. When you walk, blood circulates faster throughout the body. With increased blood flow, cells and tissues get fresh oxygen and release more of carbon dioxide out of the body. As respiration rate increases, more calories are burnt; this helps shed body fats as well. In other words, regular walking adds physical and mental fitness to your body.

Backward Walk to Cut More Calories

Experts say that retro walking helps burn more fats compared to traditional forms of exercise. Since you cannot see backward, your senses become more attentive towards potential risk of dangers, if any. This thought increases your balance, vision, hearing skills and you tend to burn more calories. Studies say that 100 steps of backward walking equal to 1000 steps of traditional forward walking.

Walk to Stay Happy

Walking lifts up the mood as it increases the production of feel-good chemicals in the brain. Walk for about 15 minutes a day for uplifting your mood and stamina. It is always better to find a companion to walk, as it gives you time to talk without a feeling of tiredness.

Walk to Avoid Cravings

According to experts, if you walk for about 15 minutes a day, you can stop cravings for sugary snacks. As walking uplifts mood, it helps conquer stress eating as well. When you walk regularly, you’ll automatically stay away from sweets. So, walk every day and say bye to cravings.

Besides being physically and mentally fit, walking provides many other benefits like it cures insomnia; it makes you creative, it makes you beautiful and so on. If you really want to look good, feel energetic and stay away from diseases — start walking every day and make a difference in your life. Simply change a few habits in your lifestyle and enjoy the luxury of being fit.