The Battle For Prohormones Deals

Prohormones are a confusing subject at first. Once you know what a prohormone is it becomes easy to understand what they are, and you can get ready to buy prohormones. It is called a pro hormone because it is a precursor to a full-blown steroid hormone. When a person takes prohormone supplements, the chemical goes through the liver and it actually produces a real hormone.

Now, as amazing as this chemistry is, the FDA and Congress jumped on the wagon and legalized a number of the best prohormones on the market. But! What they didn’t realized is that each one of these magical little precursors have different esters and different forms, with different names. Therefore, whatever ester produced Superdrol, one of the best prohormones, a few years ago, but it became illegal. So, all it takes is a small change in the nature and nomenclature, and then, the new will produce Superdrol just like the old one, only this one is legal. Although not really complex biologically, it is confusing at first glance.

Although these are not anabolic steroids, once ingested, they produce a lot of anabolic steroid hormone activity. Since almost all of them are taken orally, this can produce a negative effect on the liver. Pro hormones should never be taken with over the counter medications. The reason for this is the pro hormone in the liver is kept intact and changed slightly into an anabolic steroid-like ester. With the presence of over the counter medications, this production becomes muddied and it will not be the same, and it will also produce a very, very negative effect on the liver. So, to reiterate, one must never take prohormone supplements with over the counter medications.

When you do find prohormones for sale, you will likely find a brand name with another name attached to it. Take Superdrol, for instance. It has not one chemical name, but a number of names. This name will have a long string of numbers and other strange looking script behind it.  That is way that even the strongest prohormone would look in chemical nomenclature.

The battle is at a stand still.  Some forms of the prohormones are legal, and some are not. However, it is doubtful whether someone will look at a bottle of ostensible vitamin supplements and call them anabolic steroids, but this is exactly what the U. S. government has done in regard to prohormone therapy.