This Is The Best Pro hormone Stack Deals For Shredding

With so many prohormone stacks, how do you know which are the best? Well, if you’re looking to get shredded, then we recommend the Shred Stack by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Here’s more information about this this prohormone stack.

What Is It

It is the best prohormone stack to take if you want to get shredded. The Shred Stack gives your body what it needs to become ripped. It includes some of the most powerful prohormones that Hi Tech sells. The ingredients in the supplements will prime your body for the weeks to come. By the end of your cycle, you will have a more defined physique.

What’s Included

There are three supplements included with this stack. The three supplements are 1-AD, Anavar and Equibolin. Those three supplements are potent when taken separately, but when combined, they can help you take everything to a new and more intense level.


One of the reasons why the Shred Stack ranks among the best prohormone stacks is because it is exactly what you need to build hard, solid muscle mass. It does a great job at reducing fat and water weight. In other words, it can help you achieve the dry and ripped look bodybuilders are known for.

Another benefit of using the Shred Stack is it will make you more vascular. It promotes blood flow and this leads to extreme pumps. Perhaps the best thing about the stack is it’s not toxic to your liver.

Dosage And Directions

The Shred Stack is a four-week cycle, but you will need to order two bottles of each supplement if you want to do a 6-8 week cycle.

If you do a four-week cycle, then you’ll take two tablets of 1-AD per day. Take the pills 8-12 hours apart.

You’ll take three Anavar tablets in the morning and three more at night. As for Equibolin, you’ll take a capsule in the morning and one as a pre-workout or in the afternoon.

Each supplement can be taken with food or without food. The choice is completely up to you.

Other Info

Don’t take this stack unless you’re healthy and at least 21-years-old. Don’t use for longer than eight weeks and don’t use it if you are at risk of high blood pressure or if you’re being treated for diabetes.

Do you want to get shredded? If so, you need a good prohormone stack. The Shred Stack is the best prohormone stack money can buy, so purchase it today.