Buying Steroids For Sale In UK – Science Through The Years

Steroids have existed for thousands of years. Every major ancient culture had something that they considered as a steroid. The ancient Roman sportsmen ate certain plants with steroidal value before participating in wrestling, boxing or racing. The ancient Greeks ate bull testicles before participating in Olympics rather buying legal steroids, keep in mind there was no steroids at that time. Steroids have always been there and will always be there because of the competitive nature of humans.

The Birth of Contemporary Steroid Science

Modern day steroid science started in Germany and the USSR in the 1950s. The 20th century developments in steroid science that happened between 1930 and 1950 made the Russians to get many bodybuilding Olympic gold medals in that time period. The Americans immediately sensed trouble and started to work on the American version of steroid science.

The Juice Comes To America

Dr. John Ziegler is the man who brought the juice to America. The Russians and the Germans were only synthesizing testosterone. Dr. Ziegler managed to develop the first steroid that was a number of times as powerful as testosterone. This marked the new age of steroids where they began to have widespread usage in sports.

The Present State of Steroid Science

As from around 2000, steroid science has taken a completely new meaning. It is no longer about having a competitive advantage in Olympics because most Olympic associations are now very strict about doping.

• This science is going towards the direction of Buy Steroids UK medical research. Scientists are searching for answers on how lab prepared hormones can enhance the wellness of humans and even avert death. Already, there is widespread steroid usage in relation to treating muscle wasting. This is a state associated with the final state of some illnesses such as AIDS and some types of cancer. Once a steroid slows down muscle wasting, there is hope for a patient recovering. The key to dealing with muscle wasting is increasing the level of nitrogen in muscle cells. This is exactly what steroids do.

• The FDA has already approved some steroids for sale for medical uses. Some treat low testosterone problems while a number play a role in stimulating adolescence in boys with developmental problems.

Modern Day Steroid Use is Largely Cosmetic Usage

In the present day, most people use great anabolic steroids or synthetic hormones for cosmetic reasons. The age when steroids where primarily for sporting performance enhancement are long gone. The average steroid user in the 21st century is a college-educated individual who earns a descent salary and desires to have a great body.